I am Cat.

A one-time wielder of legal tomes. Twitter fangirl. Baker from heaven. Slave to Apple. Orderer of 'The Black Americano'. Vegan badass. Yogini. Geekette.

I just started working at Rabbit as head of digital which is both magnificent AND awesome. Here I talk about cakes, play with my new iPad and wear bunny ears.

In previous incarnations; I tweeted like a hamster in a wheel during the 2010 election for the Lib Dems, where I also made their site look
really pretty and directed the Party's digital comms.

I was one of the founders of
PoliticsHome, your one-stop-shop for *HOT NEWS FAST* (about politics and stuff) where I wrote a lot about Henry Conway's dress-sense and Barack Obama being freaking awesome.

I lived in Germany, Belgium and Australia but London is where its at.

If you're lucky I'll talk to you about the UN being fly, the environment needing serious TLC, the coolness of AR and why its OK to use the F-word.

You'll find me on my bike, at my Mac, or on the top floor of the Tate Modern.

I do believe pleasure makes you beautiful.

Winner of Digital Impact Gold Award 2010 from Communicate Magazine, Winner of Best Political Party Website and Most Improved site from CGWI, shortlisted for DigiAwards (CorpComs magazine) and the AMEC awards for work on www.libdems.org.uk

Featured in BBC News, Guardian, Sky News, PR Week, Metro & Gorkana.